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Authentic Ancestral Medicine Retreat in Colombia

We combine authentic and pure medicine, strong shamans from long lineage (Taitas), amazing environment (set and setting), caring integration with best prices.

We don’t just give you medicine, but we provide solid integration that will allow you to turn your ayahuasca experience into long lasting positive change in your life!

Join one of our all inclusive Ayahuasca Retreats.


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About Our Team

Our Ceremonies are guided by Taita (shaman) Fernando Jojoa
Taita Fernando Jojoa comes from the long Jojoa lineage, where medicine tradition has been passed on for many generations. He comes from the Inga tribe of Putumayo region of Colombia amazon, where he grows and cooks his own Ayahuasca.
Fernando Jojoa is very experienced, he has been a Taita (shaman) for 12 years now. He started his training at 7 years old, drinking medicine 3 times a week for 10 years straight. 

On top of being a great Taita he is also a great musician
We have the team of experienced facilitators and medicine musicians.
Our International team come from all over the world Europe, Australia and of course South America. 

Our ceremonies and integration circles are conducted in English. 

At any given time you will feel taken care of and looked after. We have 100s of video reviews and 100s of google reviews that attest to good care we provide.

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