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About Us – LaWayra Retreat

Hello, I’m Sam Believ, the Founder of LaWayra Retreat. If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious about us, and I genuinely appreciate that.

At LaWayra, we believe in authenticity. Our journey began with a vision to offer a space where people could experience the profound power of Ayahuasca without any pretense or inflated costs. Our retreats aren’t just about spiritual journeys; they’re about genuine human connections.

At LaWayra our slogan is – Connect. Heal. Grow.  And we mean it!


Let’s start with the name.

La Wayra in kitchwa languages means – Wind and Air. Our taita’s (shaman’s) tribe is called Inga and Inga language is in the kitchwa language group.

La Wayra also is the name of a plant that the Taita collects in the jungle and puts in a bundle that I used for spiritual cleanses to move the energies. It is a symbol you see in our logo.



Just like our kitchwa name at LaWayra the healing will be swift and refreshing like a breeze.

Why Choose LaWayra?

Culture and community.

At LaWayra we create a culture if mutual support. A culture of growth and healing. And with each and every group we have been able to consistently create that culture that lasts well beyond the duration of the retreat.

Each retreat is an intimate gathering of around 20 like-minded individuals. It’s large enough to form a diverse group, yet small enough to maintain a personal touch.

Due to the culture and connection some groups stay in touch for years after their Ayahuasca experiences.


We’ve worked hard to make our retreats financially accessible. Everyone should have the chance to experience this transformative journey without breaking the bank.

Affordable does not necessarily mean bad quality and LaWayra is here to prove it. We don’t charge more because we choose to.

Genuine Practices

With the guidance of our indigenous Taita, that comes from a long lineage of medicine men we ensure that traditions are honored and respected. You’re getting an authentic experience, deeply rooted in ancestral wisdom.

We avoid dogma and empty words, and focus on what works.

Experienced Facilitators who care

Our team is genuinely passionate and very experiences. We will be here to guide you through this journey, ensuring you feel safe, understood, and valued.

We ourselves found being with Ayahuasca so we truly care about others being able to have the same experience.

Music That Resonates

Music plays a crucial role in our ceremonies. Everyone in our team is a talented musician. Taita’s music guides you through the journey and enhances your experience.

Here is a little sample of the music at the retreat

Nestled in Nature, Yet Convenient

We’re blessed to be surrounded by Colombia’s captivating nature, offering a serene backdrop for reflection. Yet, should you need it, amenities like hospitals are easily accessible. We’ve balanced tranquility with practicality.

Hassle-Free Transportation

Travelling can be stressful, so let us handle that for you. We provide transportation from Medellin and back, ensuring your journey with us starts and ends smoothly.


Cooking food and observing limitations of Ayahuasca diet is not an easy task, but I would like to believe we have truly mastered that. And by we I mean my wife who runs the kitchen and lovely Colombian ladies that work with us. The food is plentiful, delicious and nutritive.

LaWayra team

Consistent Retreats

We host 3 retreats every month, and our calendars are available 6 months in advance. We offer 5 different lengths of retreats from 4 days to 18ndays. Everything you need to plan your trip and experience the magic of LaWayra.


So, if you’re seeking an experience that’s genuine, affordable, and rooted in tradition, LaWayra is here for you. We’re not just a retreat; we’re a community, and we’d be honored to have you as a part of it.

And if you want to learn more about us Invite you check our social media and our reviews and testimonials.


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Sam – Founder of LaWayra

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