How Is Ayahuasca Made

How Is Ayahuasca Made? A Glimpse into an Ancient Brew

Sam Believ here, founder of LaWayra retreat. One of the most frequent questions we get is: “How is ayahuasca made?” Well, let’s journey together into the creation of this ancient, transformative brew.

At its core, ayahuasca is a combination of two primary ingredients from the Amazon rainforest:

1. Banisteriopsis caapi vine: Often referred to as the “vine of the soul,” this component contains MAO inhibitors, which are vital for the next ingredient to be effective.
2. Leafs of a shrub containing DMT Chacruna in Peru and Brazil and Chagro in Colombia and Ecuador. DMT is a powerful psychedelic compound. Without the presence of the vine, our digestive system would neutralize DMT before its effects can manifest.

The preparation process is both an art and a ritual and every step of the process has a ceremonial aspect to it.

1. Harvesting with Respect:

Indigenous shamans traditionally harvest the plants with prayers and intentions, ensuring the spirit of the plant is honored.

2. Cleaning and Soaking:

The vine is meticulously cleaned and then soaked to soften.

3. Pounding:

The softened vine is pounded into fibers to enhance the extraction of its medicinal properties.

4. Layering:

The vine fibers and DMT leaves are layered alternately in a large pot.

5. Brewing:

Water is added, and the mixture is boiled for several days, under careful supervision of the Taita (shaman). While it is boiling Taita and cookers have to keep adding firewood which is a labor intensive process. Cooking sometimes take 3 day nights non stop

6. Straining and Reducing:

The liquid is strained to remove solid parts and then boiled further to condense it into the final, potent brew. It become so thick that it is called miel – honey due to its consistency.

It’s crucial to remember that the power of ayahuasca isn’t just in its ingredients but in the intention and reverence with which it’s made.

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