Can Ayahuasca help with Anxiety?

You might be asking yourself can Ayahuasca help with Anxiety? Anxiety and stress is rampant in todays society. I personally suffer from it occasionally and Ayahuasca really helps. Lets see how it might be helping. Understanding Anxiety: Anxiety can be a heavy burden to carry. The constant worries, the racing thoughts – it’s like being […]

How I healed my allergies with Ayahuasca.

Hey everyone, Sam Believ from LaWayra retreat here. I want to share a personal story, on how I healed my allergies with Ayahuasca, something a bit different from our usual posts. For years, I battled allergies. Since I was a little kid. The sneezing, itching, and constant discomfort became a normal part of my life. […]

Celebrating the bucket!

Why do you purge when drinking Ayahuasca?

Sam Believ from LaWayra retreat here. One of the most talked-about aspects of the Ayahuasca journey is the purge. I remember when I first looked into Ayahuasca this was one of the things that scared me the most, puking. I was trying to find ways to avoid it. If only I knew. It’s a deeply […]