Quitting antidepressants using micro dosing (in preparation for ayahuasca)

How to quit antidepressants in preparation for ayahuasca?

Many people look for Ayahuasca as a solution to heal their depression. And while there are plenty of stories of people healing depression with Ayahuasca –  most people with depression are on antidepressants.

As you know it is very dangerous to combine antidepressants with Ayahuasca. It can even be deadly. But quitting antidepressants for an entire month is also extremely difficult.

So it is a catch 22.

The possible solution that has been tried successfully by our patients is gradually replacing antidepressants with micro dosing of mushrooms. We have reports from patients who followed this routine.

6 weeks before the retreat half their antidepressant intake.

4 weeks before the retreat stop taking antidepressants and start on mushroom Micro dosing schedule. (0.2 grams of dried mushrooms every 3 days)

3 days before the retreat take the last micro dose.

How Antidepressants work.

Serotonin vs Psilocin find 3 differences

SSRI antidepressants – the type of antidepressants most dangerous to combine with Ayahuasca. They work by blocking reuptake of Serotonin and this increasing levels of serotonin in the brain.

How mushroom Micro dosing works

Psilocybin get converted into psilocin by liver. If you look at psilocin molecule it looks just like Serotonin molecule. So it seems that psilocin tricks your brain into thinking it has more Serotonin.

Taking psilocybin daily would cause you to develop tolerance, however taking it every 2-3 days will not. But it will still be enough to keep the Serotonin levels higher.

This should keep you sane enough to gradually detox from SSRIs and have them out brain chemistry somewhat reset before your first ceremony.

Most people after the Ayahuasca retreat report a relief in depression symptoms or complete remission lasting from 3 months to several years. I have also met people who report healing depression forever.

The way antidepressants work is by covering symptoms and this the issue never goes away. The way Ayahuasca works together with good integration is to uncover the underlying trauma address it and process it to allow the body and brain to heal itself.

An Ayahuasca retreat is like a complete brain reset!

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Sam – founder of LaWayra

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