The importance of integration after your Ayahuasca experience.

If I was to tell you what defines your success with ayahuasca, especially in improving your life and making long lasting changes I would say this:
50% Taita and his medicine (Ayahuasca)
50% proper integration.
I have met so many people that see Ayahuasca as a magic pill that will take all their problems away and will change them, and these people go from retreat to retreat expecing that day for their life to change at it never does. 
The problem is Ayahuasca is not a fix itself, it is an instruction for the fix. 
Don’t get me wrong, after the retreat you will feel amazing you will feel temporarily releaved from all the ailments and some of them might forever disappear. But some of them will persist. 
What you will get from your visions will be as a list of instrucions on what to do. And it is importance you apply this information. So don’t leave healing on the table.

At our retreat we will aid your integration with 3 methods.

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Integration is taking the experience and information you collected during your ayahuasca Journey and transforming them into valuable insight.

We see psychedelic integration is an ongoing process which begins immediately after your first ceremony. 
It is a process of making sense of your experience, internalizing and gradually processing your insights into a list of actionable steps to make a long lasting positive change in your life.
If you just drink ayahuasca and see pretty images in your mind, but do nothing about it, there will still be healing, but much less. It is important not only to have the experience, but also remember it and understand it. Otherwise just like after waking up from a dream you will slowly forget your experience and will only be able to say it was interesting or meaningful, but without being able to recall the details.
So think about integration this way. You will go through the process of taking a giant amount of chaotic and ineffable insight and transforming it into a list of actionable items. Not to take away and belittle the experience, but to prepare you for life after the retreat. Come out of it all a better person.

Your integration journal will help you recall the information and process it, and even years later you can pick the journal up and get something out of it.

Your integration will continue for months and years depending on the depth of your experience. Some information might keep coming to you in your dreams and even in the day to day life.
At our retreat we take Integration very seriously, we don’t want you to lose out on your healing. Some cases are tougher than other and just writing in the journal and speaking in the word circles might not be enough for everyone, especially when the trauma that surfaced is severe.
In that case we recommend the professional help.
You can book your professional integration therapy by pressing the button below
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