Ayahuasca in Colombia, is Yage even Ayahuasca?

Is there ayahuasca in Colombia? Is it legit? What even is Yage – Ayahuasca? Is Ayahuasca in Colombia traditional and safe? I will reply to all these questions in this post. When I first came to Colombia I was already curious about Ayahuasca, but like many I simply assumed that it is a tradition reserved […]

Can you drink ayahuasca when you are on your period?

Can you do Ayahuasca with your period? The short answer is yes you can take Ayahuasca with Period, but there are rules. The Taitas (shamans) who work with Ayahuasca traditionally have strict rules when it comes to women on period. And in my experience the better the shaman the more strictly he observes the medicine […]

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