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Choosing the Right Retreat to begin your journey with Ayahuasca

Choosing the Right Retreat to begin your journey with Ayahuasca

If you’re on this page, you’re probably contemplating embarking on a transformative journey with Ayahuasca. It’s a decision that requires careful consideration, as the experience can be profound and life-changing. At LaWayra retreat, we understand the importance of choosing the Right Retreat to begin your journey with Ayahuasca

At LaWayra we excel at every single topic in this list, but if for some reason you can’t come and drink Ayahuasca with us let’s explore some key factors to help you choose a good retreat that aligns with your needs and desires.

1. Choose an Authentic Taita from Indigenous Tradition:

When seeking an Ayahuasca retreat, it’s crucial to find a retreat led by an authentic Taita or shaman who follows the indigenous traditions. Someone from a long lineage (tradition passed along for many generations), someone who grows and cooks their own medicine.

2. Select a Country Where Ayahuasca Is Legal:

The legal status of Ayahuasca varies around the world. Choosing a retreat in a country where Ayahuasca is legal ensures safety and legitimacy. Last thing you want is your journey being interrupted by police rushing in. I can only imagine the trauma it would cost. In Colombia Ayahuasca is legal and traditional.

3. Choose a retreat that is not too close to cities, big roads or loud neighbours.

The setting can significantly impact your Ayahuasca experience. Nature’s tranquility enhances introspection and connection. Our retreat is enveloped in the beautiful country side, allowing you to connect with the energies of the earth during your journey.

Nature and beauty around you is especially important when you are doing day ceremonies. It really helps you connect with the beauty of the world we live in.

4. Choose a retreat that understands the Importance of Integration.

An Ayahuasca experience extends beyond the ceremony itself. Integration is the key to weaving the insights into your daily life. Any good Ayahuasca retreat with provide integration guidance and tools for you to accelerate this process.

5. Choose a retreat that serves pure Ayahuasca without Additives:

The purity of the Ayahuasca brew is vital for a safe and transformative experience. Some retreats don’t really know where their Ayahuasca comes from and it might have dangerous additives that can even be fatal. Make sure your Taita or Shaman grows and cooks his own Ayahuasca. So from the moment of planting seeds to harvesting to serving the medicine all the ceremonial traditions have been observed.

6. Find a retreat that allows for small to medium size groups and provides Personalized Attention:

A smaller group size allows for more personalized attention from the Taita and facilitators. Make sure there is at least 1 team member per every 3-4 participants.

Anything above 30 people is not a group but a crowd and you won’t be able to meet and connect with each member of the group.

7. Retreat must have a holistic Approach to Healing:

A holistic approach that combines Ayahuasca ceremonies with other healing modalities can enhance the transformative process. LaWayra offers a variety of healing practices to complement your Ayahuasca journey, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

Remember, choosing an Ayahuasca retreat is a personal journey in itself. Take your time to research, connect with the retreat’s values, and listen to your intuition. We invite you to explore what LaWayra has to offer and join us on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. But if you can’t use these metrics to find a good retreat

Sam Believ
Founder, LaWayra Retreat




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