How I healed my allergies with Ayahuasca.

Hey everyone,

Sam Believ from LaWayra retreat here. I want to share a personal story, on how I healed my allergies with Ayahuasca, something a bit different from our usual posts. For years, I battled allergies. Since I was a little kid. The sneezing, itching, and constant discomfort became a normal part of my life. I was allergic to house dust, to cats, to pollen and tons of other things.

When I started drinking Ayahuasca I wanted healing from depression and help finding direction in life, what I did not look for and did not expect was relief from physical issues. Surprisingly I got relief from gut issues and allergies I always struggled with.

The Introspective Journey:

During one of my early Ayahuasca ceremonies, I had a cat come and sit on my lap. Not a psychedelic vision but an actual playful young cat that Maima (female Shaman) I was drinking with had adopted. I was deep in my Ayahuasca journey and I immediately thought to myself I love cats, but I am allergic to cats and I can’t have this cat on my lap right now. I am in the jungle, it is night, I am deep in my journey and I don’t have allergy pills with me.

However there was a voice in my head that said – No you are not allergic to cats. The voice told me my grandad killed a cat and I have to ask forgiveness to all the cats through the cat that is on my lap right now and I will never be allergic again. So I did. The the voice said, now you need to adopt a cat as soon as you can.

Strangely enough as soon as I came back home an opportunity to adopt a kitten presented itself. Even more so if we would not adopt it it would surely die because a mother abandoned it. So I felt that it was a sign

It was a tough process feeding it, but it survived. Mama can abandoned 3 kittens, 1 got adopted by me and my wife, another by my wife’s sister and another by my wife’s mother. Our kitten Fresa was the only one to survive.

Shortly after that we started LaWayra and many times during the ceremonies the cat would lie on my chest all night and when normally I would probably die of Asthma from this contact I now felt nothing. I know it sounds like a miracle and unless it did not happen to myself I would probably not believe it 🙂


Emotional Release:

Ayahuasca helped me realize that some of my physical symptoms were connected to emotional traumas. In this case my grandad killing a cat and me hearing the story when I was you could have been the reason. I have since confirmed the story with my dad and it was true.

Other times allergies can be explained by traumas also. For example if your home is a traumatic place you might develop allergies for a common household dust as a reaction.

The Great Purge:

The well-known Ayahuasca purge felt like a full-system reset. Maybe in one of those purges something got released that helped my immune system to not react to cats dander or house dust mites.

Boosted Immunity: Some traditional beliefs hold that Ayahuasca can strengthen the immune system. Perhaps that played a part in my healing.

Long story short I don’t know what happened, but since that night I am no longer allergic to cats and dogs and my seasonal allergies have greatly diminished. I remember making the test for allergies and I was severely allergic to those things and I no longer am allergic.

Now, it’s essential to state this: Ayahuasca is a deeply personal experience, and its effects vary. My healing journey is my own, and while Ayahuasca was a catalyst for my allergy relief, it might not be the same for everyone.

If you’re battling allergies and are drawn to the idea of Ayahuasca as a potential remedy, I’d recommend give it a try.

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To healing and discovery, Sam Believ

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