What happens During an Ayahuasca Ceremony

What happens During an Ayahuasca Ceremony at LaWayra Retreat

Hey there! I’m Sam Believ, founder of LaWayra Retreat. I understand that stepping into the unknown can be a tad daunting, so let me walk you through exactly what happens during one of our Ayahuasca ceremonies. Every step is designed with care, keeping your comfort and safety in mind.

  • 5PM – Settling In: First things first, everyone finds a cozy spot on their mattresses. Take this time to relax and mentally prepare for the journey ahead. We provide you with very comfy floor mattresses.
  • 5:30PM – Breathing and Meditation: We guide you through some breathing exercises that help you relax followed by meditation. It helps in centering oneself before the deeper experience begins.
  • 5:50PM – Shamanic Preparations: Our Shaman prepares the Ayahuasca medicine, using Tobaco and singing icaros, traditional shamanic chants, invoking positive energies and protection.
  • 6PM – The First Cup: Everyone is offered their first cup of Ayahuasca. It’s the beginning of a transformative journey.
  • 7PM – Medicine Music Begins: The ambiance is set with live medicine music that resonates with the energy of Ayahuasca, enhancing the experience.
  • 8PM – The Second Cup: For those ready for a deeper exploration, a second cup is offered.
  • 10PM – The Third Cup: This is typically for seasoned participants or those who feel called to dive even deeper. It is the last cup of the ceremony.
  • 1AM – Closing the Ceremony: As the effects of Ayahuasca start to wane, we officially close the ceremony. Everyone then heads to their rooms for a well-deserved rest.

Taita performing a cleanse

Throughout the ceremony, we enhance the atmosphere with live medicine music, the purifying smoke of copal incense, and the warmth of a ceremonial fire. Our Taita may also perform individual cleanses for those who need it.

To hear firsthand accounts of the transformative experiences at LaWayra, you can check out our Google reviews. For more visual insights, have a peek at our Instagram.

If this journey speaks to you, why wait? Book your spot for our next event. I’d be honored to guide you through it.

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